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Michael Joseph Kelly, Jr.

1965 - 2021


I’m sad to report that my brother Mike has left us for a better place. He is at peace with Mom, Dad, my brother Bobby as well as all his Aunts, Uncles, cousins and friends. He is truly in Gods hands now. His battle with dementia and related complications are over as well as his pain and suffering.

Mike was the youngest sibling in our family. His disability was never recognized by any Member of our family, including the many friends that have touched his life. He had an amazing sense of humor-gags we’re on the top of his list. Mike worked at Ambassador Protection for many years as the office custodian. He traveled from Flushing to Merrick several times a week taking two busses and the Long Island Railroad. His favorite gag at the office was to put a cardboard information chart on top of one of the doors. He would call the victim into the room and when they opened the door the cardboard would fall on the persons head. He wrote love letters to Tyra Banks on our office letterhead that wasn’t exactly as funny as I would have thought. I could go on and on about how clever he was, but it would stain his alter boy image to many of his family and friends. He danced better than anyone I know, he put us all to shame. He was in the Special Olympics for swimming, loved basketball and had a decent outside shot. He was an avid sports fan rooting for St. John’s basketball, an early childhood Met fan but a later in life traitor who then rooted for the Yankees and his brothers never let him live it down. His favorite football team was the Buffalo Bills especially during the Jim Kelly years. Mike was a ham who loved the spotlight and would never disappoint when he was the center of attention. He had many moments where he was in the spotlight, he was the poster-boy for Catholic Charities but his big moment came when he was on the Jumbotron at MSG during a St. John’s game. His smile brightened every room and the picture above was Mike being selected for a video. It was developed by AHRC that is utilized to train doctors about special needs individuals with dementia. Mike got dressed up for the interview which included the hat, bow tie and pocket handkerchief. So many people were influencing factors in his life Dennis and Cathie would take him on vacation each year, Mary Ellen would take him upstate to feed him like a king and Chris and John took him to many sporting games. Many other family members were involved as well. Taking him to their homes or to some type of function or event.

He loved the uniform service part of the family, he was proud of all of the Cops and fireman in the family. One time Uncle Emmett put him on the fire truck to a real fire call. He rode on the truck to a dumpster fire around the corner from the fire house. Mike put on the gear took the hose and knocked down the fire.

He cherished his time with friends as well. George Cat would always take him on a fishing expedition with Bobby and Dennis. Each trip was a gem with antics that never ended. He loved everyone of his nieces and nephews and loved to make them laugh.

His staff members were a major part of his life. Both Fierstein & Hirsh. Mike loved all those who cared for him. Barbara, Dionne, Cynthia, Daniel, Robin, Janice, James, Alicia, Michelle & Sonya as well as so many others who have shown so much love for Mike. They do Gods work and they were our Angels.

I thank everyone who helped Mike in his life and made him feel special. I also know that Mike made many people feel good as well. May God bless him and keep him in the palm of his hands!

In lieu of flowers the family asks that any donations be made to the Katie McBride Foundation.

- John Kelly


Tuesday, December 28

4:00 - 8:00 PM

New Hyde Park Funeral Home

506 Lakeville Road, New Hyde Park, NY


Wednesday, December 29

10:00 AM

St. Aidan's Roman Catholic Church

505 Willis Avenue, Williston Park, NY


St. Charles Cemetery

2015 Wellwood Avenue, Farmingdale, NY


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