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Mary M. Judge

1922 - 2023


Mary Elizabeth May Judge had a strong heart. She survived bypass heart surgery 45 years ago, had more than one stroke and even other procedures on her heart – a strong heart. After her nephew had a heart attack a few years ago, she asked him, “How old were you when you had your first heart attack?” He responded, “65” and she snapped back, “That’s nothing. I was 55 when I had a triple bypass.”

A strong heart…but for Mary Elizabeth, it wasn’t just physical. She had a strong heart for life, for her Lord, her church and religion, and for her family and friends. She had a strong heart for this world, and we all felt it. Her strength, her warmth, her love.

For a century and nine months, Mary Elizabeth’s heart served as a shining light for anyone who encountered her. A beacon of grace, kindness and holiness that we will always remember and cherish.

Mary was smart and funny – knowing that donning a baseball jersey with “Judge and 99” on the back (yes, that’s for Yankee home run king Aaron Judge) and sharing it through plenty of photos would thrill all who viewed it.

Mary Elizabeth exemplified what a Catholic should be – dedicated, committed, loving, forgiving. She went to church here at Notre Dame when she could, and when she couldn’t in recent years, you could plan on watching mass and the rosary on her TV at the appropriate time. No “The Price is Right” or Sunday talk shows for her.

She did enjoy Jeopardy and often a murder mystery on PBS. Of course, she made exceptions for guests, especially sports fans who’d she would sit with through baseball and football games and golf tournaments.

With her beloved husband Johnny, they shared so much during their nearly 60 years together. They attended Bible studies together and countless family gatherings and events with the Judges and the Mays, who both were quite a bunch, I’m told. At home they shared, among other things, a feisty chihuahua (I guess that’s redundant) named Bambi and had another pooch from down on the border, sort of, named Taco.

Speaking of husband Johnny, he had an incredible part-time artistry – building and painting plastic models of vintage cars, some looking so real that you could imagine he and Mary riding in them decades ago.

Mary was an artist herself – a book editor for Prentice Hall in Manhattan back in the day. She also played the piano and knew a good bit about photography. And she connected to the internet late in life but in time to see that being with people was much more interesting and fun.

She probably knew more about what’s going on around us than any of us. She read the newspaper and watched news programs every day, and while she was careful to share her thoughts on touchy subjects, she could usually cover it with a quick glance and smile. Typically, you got the message.

Thanks to her sister, Dorothy, who shared all but the first five of Mary’s years together, and her niece Rory, Mary Elizabeth enjoyed good food, good laughter, good banter and good times to the last.

Sweet Mary. Loving Mary. She had a heart of gold, a heart so strong that we will feel its love forever.


Monday, August 28

10:45 AM

Notre Dame R.C. Church

45 Mayfair Road, New Hyde Park, NY


St. Charles Cemetery

2015 Wellwood Avenue, Farmingdale, NY

No Visitation

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to:

Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey

9200 NE Abbey Road

Carlton, OR 97111-9666


Notre Dame R.C. Church

45 Mayfair Road

New Hyde Park, NY 11040


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