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Edward Ingarra

4/9/1918 - 4/7/2020


Edward Ingarra (1918-2020) was a man devoted to his family. After high school, he went to work in the garment industry and eventually became a bookkeeper, but he never lost his desire to learn. He was a voracious reader all his life. His bookshelves overflowed with nonfiction books on Lincoln, the Civil War, science, and John Wayne. The novels—and there were plenty of them as well—were almost all westerns. Not surprisingly, when it came to movies he preferred westerns, especially if they starred John Wayne. He also loved classical music and, most especially, opera. All his life, from a young age right until his final days, he enjoyed listening to the likes of Rosa Ponselle and Luciano Pavarotti. And he loved food. He would often remark how his appetite never failed him. But more than anything else, he loved his family. He loved his wife, Sophie. They were married for over fifty years, and even years after her death he would tear up when remembering her. He was a devoted father to his daughter, Kathy, and his son, John. Growing up, his children’s interests were quite different, and Ed would take each to the places he or she enjoyed. With Kathy he would visit museums, parks, and zoos. With John he would go to baseball games, football games, and hockey games. When Kathy married Joe, he formed a warm and loving relationship with his son-in-law. When his grandson, Ron, arrived, he became “Poppy” and spent countless hours playing games and play-acting with him. When Ron and Sarah gave him two great-grandchildren, Henry and Maggie, Ed continued to be “Poppy” for the next generation. He reveled in their visits and news of their accomplishments. Poppy will be missed by all who loved him. A Tribute From His Daughter My father was a hard worker, and a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. He was happy to have two great-grandchildren who enriched his later years. He was always reliable, and could be counted on when needed, under any and all circumstances. His main concern was the welfare of his family. He was a man of simple pleasures and varied interests who really loved life. He enjoyed good food—or any food—and, like Rexi, he loved his peanut butter! He liked opera, astronomy, reading—and he even dabbled in carpentry, making some fine bookcases. He especially loved John Wayne western movies. So his role model was the “Duke”, for character and fortitude, and also the turtle, for longevity. He was conscientious, considerate, thoughtful, generous, kind, and loving. And whenever he got upset for whatever reason, it was forgotten the next day. He never held grudges. Although his faith may have been shaky at times, he lived his life like a true believer. He will take the express to Heaven. Happy Birthday in Heaven, and Happy Trails, Poppy! Whenever we watch a John Wayne western movie, you’ll be with us. And whenever we listen to Pavarotti, “Poppy-rotti” will be with us. And there will be no holidays without the memory of you. And Rexi will bark for you when he meets you at “Rainbow Bridge”. INTERMENT

Holy Rood Cemetery 111 Old Country Road, Westbury, NY


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