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Clairemelie "Claire" Joseph

1924 - 2022


Celebration of Life

Clairemelie Joseph, often called “Claire” or “Tante Claire” by everyone , was born at Plaisance on December 27th, 1924 from Mr. Thermitus Docteur and Mrs. Marie Azemar.

At an early age she moved to Cap-Haitien, where she continued her education. She was very talented in the commerce industry. She was an entrepreneur during her adult life where she met and later on married Mr. Renelus Joseph, a well-known businessman in the city of Cap-Haitien.

She took good care of her children, siblings, and other relatives. She enjoyed her family, cherished everyone in the household, and loved sharing with others, even strangers.

She left Haiti and traveled to New York in her early seventies, while the late Renelus Joseph was still living in Haiti. She did not want to stay in New York for too long because she knew that her husband would be constantly waiting for her. She always dreamed of returning home to spend her last days on this journey, but when Renelus Joseph passed away in 2001 , she then decided to stay here to take care of her grand kids.

In Haiti or in the US, she was always a fun lady, the center of the family, a very quiet woman who enjoyed her birthday and used to dance with her children during those little gatherings every December 27th , regardless of the weather conditions. She was a very active person. She was always doing her own laundry, cooking her own meals, and thoroughly cleaning everything, even in her nineties. She lived her whole life as an independent woman and even when she was not feeling well, she would still try to do things on her own.

Unfortunately, after a fall she broke her hip and became more and more dependent on us. The injury restricted her from her daily activities. That is when everything began to change. Even after the surgery she could not stand on her own despite the efforts of the therapists. My sister and I kept a vigilant eye on her constant movement day and night.

When she was in the rehabilitation center, we made several trips every day to make sure that she ate her food. At home, we continued to provide adequate service with love, affection respect and determination to make her feel better. We did everything and anything possible to provide her with good care, which we did for six long years. It became even more difficult during the last six months before her passing at the age of 97 years old.

Clairemelie Joseph and Renelus Joseph had a total of 10 children, but she is only survived by Reynold, Lucienne, and Guy Joseph and her adopted children Carl Henri, Rose Nadege and Hardy Georges whom she loved so much.

She is survived by her grandchildren: Renite, Judlyne, Jean Paul Valery, Andy, Lawrence, rose Vanessa and Guylynne Joseph. Her great grandchildren: Rose Jessica, Magdala Samantha, Jeanne Antonia Joseph; Olivia, Nicholi, Angie, Ellie, Adaeh Alcide, Carly, Bianca, Cedric, Carl Federick, Brianne Raphael Georges. Her nephew and nieces: James Prosper, Maryse, Jocelyn Prosper and family. Nercius, Antoinette Jeanne, Luc, Odette, Anne, St Cyr and family. To her cousin Monime Menard and children Ronald Jeanty, Rosnie Jeanty. Nephew and niece: Clauvy, Edner and Alicia Docteur. To Reginald Castil and many more affected by this loss.

We have been blessed to have her in our life for so long. We will always cherish and have enjoyed every moment that the Lord kept her alive among us.

We are very grateful for the outpouring show of love that you all have demonstrated during these difficult times.

Thanks to the members of the church of Bethany of Elmont. Thanks to Pastor Eddy, brother Alix and brother Gousse who have always brought the blood and body of Jesus Christ to our home to keep my mother’s and my sister’s faith strong.

Thanks to the members of the Marco Polo family, to the Pauyo family, to the Aleandre family, to the Clenard family, to Julie Gassant, to Margaret Joseph, to all my friends and family members here in the U.S, in Haiti, in Canada, in Brasil, in providential island, in Dominican Republic and elsewhere. May God bless you all and may he keep us strong and healthy during these terrible moments.

Thank you...


Monday, January 17

9:00 - 10:00 AM

Bethany French Baptist Church of Elmont

471 Elmont Road, Elmont, NY


Monday, January 17

10:00 AM

Bethany French Baptist Church of Elmont

471 Elmont Road, Elmont, NY


Pinelawn Memorial Park

2030 Wellwood Avenue, Farmingdale, NY


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